About US



Chubears is the baby of a team of doctors (Child specialist & Immunity Expert). Their 8-year-old daughter, an avid gymnast, was an inspiration for the start of Chubears. Dr Gaurav Gupta, her father, realised that non-Indian gummies are lacking in some ingredients, specially keeping in mind the Indian vegetarian diet.  Also, in everyday practice, he could see the faulty lifestyle and diet of kids was leading towards an epidemic of unhealthy weight, increased anaemia and vitamin deficiencies. Challenge was to come up with a supplement that is liked by kids, trusted by parents and has all the 12 essential Vitamins and minerals in one tasty gummy to make it healthy and cost-effective. 

Hence, Chubears was born.

In their combined medical journey of 40 years, with National recognition, hold diet and nutrition workshops for parents, conduct school health check-ups and nutrition counselling. They also use social media to spread awareness amongst parents.

Common childhood problems are discussed on their podcast (yourpersonalchildspecialist), which is amongst the top 5 health podcasts globally, and on their youtube channel (charakclinics), which again has more than a million hits.