Natural fruit flavored gummy vitamin for kids

Award-winning I Created by doctors using Japanese Technology

immunity booster

Vitamin C, E, D, B complex and zinc are important for boosting... 

Why Chubears for your child?

Birth of Chubears

Established few years back by a team of doctors (immunity specialist & Child specialist) as a gift to their 7-year-old daughter to boost her stamina

  • Gauri, mother of 2

    I am happy to find a good vitamin that is like candy, and did not make my kids nauseous

  • Sandhya Agrawal, Young Grandmother

    I was sold on two points - vegetarian (we are jains) & my kids love it 
  • Dr Sumeet Rajpal, Pediatric Dentist

    Chubears has low sugar content & does not stick to teeth. So, I give a go ahead for my aptienst