Vitamin D Supplement For Kids

Today, vitamin D is seen as a vital part of good health of our kids. Vitamins are chemicals that are needed by our kid's body for adequate bone and muscle health. They are vital for kids and also ensure that your kid's body works well. Vitamin D for kids is an important element to consume for their proper bone health & immunity. Getting enough vitamin D on a regular basis might lower your child's lifetime risk of certain chronic health problems.

Vitamin D deficiency in children is common and is often underestimated as symptoms of chronic leg pains in children, growing pains in children knees, joint pains in children etc. Other symptoms of low vitamin D in kids can be observed as fractures of the hip and pelvis, bone pain and tenderness, tooth decay and hearing loss because the bones in the ear become soft. In order to avoid such growing pains in kids, each and every parent must ensure that their kid is consuming proper amount of Vitamin D. There's no doubt about that kids are picky eaters. Good nutrition is incredibly important for kids even though maintaining it is often difficult for their parents. If your child follows erratic habits of eating, then must be worried about his or her nutritional necessities.

Many proactive parents buy expensive multivitamin gummies for kids from abroad. Unfortunately, there remains a concern as to whether these foreign gummies are of high quality (many contain gelatin & artificial colors) and do they fulfill the requirements of the Indian child? In India, the choice at present is between liquid syrups or drops. The result is - either the child refuses to take it (smell or taste bad), gets bored after some time, even ends up vomiting or spilling it.

As a pediatrician myself, I have created a great tasting multivitamin supplement that is as per Indian requirements, following major guidelines of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) & IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics). It is totally vegetarian, natural fruit flavored gummy that is healthy and very importantly, affordable.

CHUBEARS India's first online store to buy health supplements & high quality gummy vitamins for Indian kids which is 100 % vegetarian, once a day. Chewable multivitamin gummy (jelly toffee) for children, provides 9 essential vitamins (Vit A, B complex, C, D, E, and H). Created as per the needs of Indian child by a Pediatrician, they come in 3 delicious natural fruit flavors, viz. Strawberry, Orange, & Pineapple! Now with added vitamin d foods , Cudbears' chewable vitamin d is the best vitamin d for Indian kids. Unlike syrups or drops which look, smell & taste horrible, CHUBEARS will be loved by your little ones who will remind you to give them their daily dose of happiness! Chubears' chewable growing pain vitamins will help cover up the vitamin d deficiency of your kids. A bottle of 30 delicious gummies equals 1 month of tasteful healthiness. Try one, and you will be amazed.

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