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  • August 04, 2016

What Multivitamins Do for Kids?

Kids undergo rapid periods of development and growth which increases their demand for minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Ideally, kids will get these from a healthful and balanced diet with a wide selection of nutritious food. But as parents, we know it can be quite challenging to do this every day. Kids are notoriously fussy eaters and sometimes it might be difficult to get all the minerals and vitamins they need to help their body grow strong and big. A multivitamin can be a great addition to top up your child’s daily diet, particularly the fussy eaters. So what can multivitamins do for kids?

Help fill nutritional gaps

Multivitamin designed for kids’ needs help fill any nutritional gaps in their diet plan, especially the fussy ones. Minerals and vitamins are essential for the body to function and each has a specific role to play. Many vitamin supplements are not kept in the body, which implies they need to be changed regularly. A shortage of any vitamin or mineral may result in poor health.

Support strong and healthy bones

A good kids’ multivitamin contain calcium and vitamin D that are essential for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Being sure your kids receive enough calcium during their adolescence and childhood can actually set them to get peak bone health as adults.

Sustain healthy immune system function

Kids are well known for bringing home every bug and germ around. The reason being their immune system is still growing and is less experienced compared to adults. You can maintain your child’s immunity throughout the year with a multivitamin, which contain nutrients like zinc and vitamin C to reduce infection and support wound healing.

Sustain energy

Kids need energy to fuel their busy days. B vitamins help the body system to convert the food we eat to energy and a great children’s multivitamin must contain most of the B vitamin family. B vitamins are easily found in the food we eat but they are quite delicate and easily damaged by cooking and food processing. The body also has a restricted capacity to store B vitamins, which implies they must be replaced every day.

Maintain a healthy brain

                    Certain nutrients will help your child’s ability to think naturally and process information. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that can help support normal brain functionality and learning skill in kids. A recent research found that one in three children between the ages of eight and ten did not get sufficient iodine in their diet1. A great kid’s multivitamin will help top up your child’s iodine consumption and support young brain.

Support healthy eyes

Good nutrition is essential for eye health. Nutrients like vitamin A always keep the eyes healthy and support good vision. A great multivitamin will contain vitamin A or beta-carotene, which transforms to vitamin A as needed by the body system.

There are lots of good, quality kid’s multivitamins obtainable in fun types that don’t make taking them a task. Multivitamins may come in jellies, tasty chewable pills or fun fizzy drinks that will make it easier to top up your child’s nutritional intake and help the

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