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  • September 17, 2016

Vitamins for Your Baby

It seems that everybody has different opinion when considering giving vitamins to babies. This choice has to come down to parents. Some medical practitioners will say that your baby does not need nutritional supplements, while others will say go on and give them a multi- vitamin.It actually depends on your doctor, but for babies safety you should follow your Doctor’s suggestions. When the baby is first born, they are healthy and do not need vitamins. Your baby is getting vitamins from breast milk or formula. It is not until your baby stops breastfeeding or taking formula that you may want to think about giving a vitamin to your baby.

Once baby starts on solids, it is difficult to know that baby is taking a proper diet. Baby may one day eat properly and the next day take some bites of something and spit out all their veggies. So if your kid is a fussy eater and you are not certain whether he is eating a good balanced diet, it is advice taking a liquid multi-vitamin designed for babies. You can find these kinds of vitamins at any local health food store. Avoid gummy vitamins until the age of three or four.

There are things that your baby is not allowed to take yet. Liquid multi-vitamins give dosage normally by weight that is good because you know how nutritional supplements are safe for babies. You should never give your baby adult supplements as these contain a higher dosage that is too much for your baby’s body to control. Too much of anything may harm your body, except for love.

Babies and adults do need vitamins to stay healthy. Vitamin D for instance; we get Vitamin D from the sun, so ensure your baby gets out at least thirty min every week. Of course in the winter when there is a frigid temperature, nobody wants to get outside. That is why a vitamin is so good. When searching for a vitamin supplement for babies, look at just how much Vitamin D is in it. If the level of Vitamin D is more than 400 IU per day do not buy it. Too much of vitamin D can be harmful to your baby.

Babies and Toddlers also need Vitamin C and Iron. Vitamin C is a good preventive vitamin; it improves the immune system and is good when baby has a cold. Vitamin C will help the absorption of Iron so it carries that benefit as well. Your multi-vitamin can have Vitamin C inside it already, so until baby is feeling sick there is no need for additional Vitamin C.

Iron is good for babies around eighteen months. An Iron shortage can cause behavioral and developmental problems in babies. Though in some babies, excess of iron can be constipating, it is good for their growth. There is iron enriched cereals for younger babies and iron will likely be in your multi-vitamin.So you should read the labels to be sure.

With our food not being enriched with the minerals and vitamins it once had. Always seek advice from your child’s doctor before you start a vitamin regimen.

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