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  • February 16, 2016

Vitamin D Deficiency in Indian Kids

Sadly, vitamin D deficiency in Indian kids is far more prevalent than some people care to admit. In fact, one study seemed to indicate that vitamin D deficiency in Indians occurred in about 70% of the population, although that number is fairly conservative. Basically; vitamin D deficiency in Indian kids is a major problem.


There are a number of reasons as to why vitamin D deficiency is so prevalent in India. The major contributing factor is that, unlike most other parts of the world, some products tend not to be fortified with vitamin D. This vitamin is actually one of the only vitamins that the human body is able to produce for itself. However, you do need exposure to sunlight on a regular basis for that to occur. However, most people are not getting the exposure that they need in India, for a plethora of different reasons, which does cause major problems when it comes to vitamin D.

So, what health issues can vitamin D deficiency in Indian kids cause? Well, there are quite a few, sadly.
• Weak bones: vitamin D plays an important role when a child is still growing (and once they have stopped growing, for that matter). Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from foods. As you may know, this calcium is used to strengthen bones. Basically, if your child does not get enough calcium, their bones will not grow and the bones that they do have in place are just going to be weak. It is not uncommon for a vitamin D deficiency to cause rickets in children.
• There is some evidence which seems to indicate that vitamin D deficiency can reduce cognitive function. This, basically, suggests that your child is not going to be all that brilliant at storing and recalling information. Your child’s early years are their formative years. They need to take as much information on board as possible. This is why vitamin D is important. It helps the brain and ensures that your child is able to continue to learn as much as possible. Basically, they are going to be smarter.
• Cancer: whilst it is unlikely your child will get cancer, it is worth noting that a vitamin D deficiency is one of a number of things which have been known to increase the risk of cancer occurring. So, basically, you want to reduce the chances by as much as you possibly can.
• Asthma: there is some evidence that a vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of a child suffering from asthma.
• Flu: children in India who have a lack of vitamin D in their system are more prone to colds and other respiratory infections. Vitamin D helps to strengthen the immune system.
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