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  • July 06, 2015

Meal time difficulties in kids – some suggestions from a Child Specialist

Doctor my child refuses to eat his meals, I am sick of running after him/her, he/she refuses to leave junk food. What should I do? Any magic formulae? This is the most common problem parents are facing regarding eating habits of kids. Lack of vegetables& fruits in daily diet, eating junk food in excess, dragging mealtime for long time.

child not eating vegchild eating junk



Let me tell you a secret ………………..
There is no magic formula!
But there are some tips that might help your child have a healthier diet

  • Child needs to be hungry before meals. Do not give him/her anything 2 hours before meals, not even half a glass of juice or a biscuit. This kills the appetite
  • Try having your own meals with the child
  • If the child drags mealtime, give them 15 minutes tops and the pack the food and tell the child that they will not get anything else, but the samefood when they are hungry
  • Try not to substitute other options if child says he/she does not like a particular vegetable. Point out that everyone is eating the same meal and it is healthy for them.
  • Fix some particular day or days for junk food in which the child gets whatever they want – I do this every Sunday – and I allow 1 junk food – Pizza for my daughter J if she wants it – no questions asked! But the other days she gets regular home cooked healthy food
  • Try to encourage your child towards some vigorous exercise – playing tennis, cricket, swimming, soccer etc. An active child is always hungry. TV watching along with junk food is the main determent towards unhealthy food habits
  • Most important of all do not eat junk food in front of your child. You cannot discourage them while eating junk food yourselfcreative healthy food
  • Try being more creative in preparing meals. Adding vegetables to pasta, noodles or burger pat or salads can help.

Despite all efforts of parents, children still do tend to have unhealthy eating habits. To take care of that you can try giving them a good multivitamin which has all the vitamins in appropriate amounts as required – CHUBEARS multivitamin gummy


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