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  • July 09, 2015

Indian Kids and the Monsoons



Monsoons,though they bring respite from the summer heat, can cause many health problems,  especially in kids-

  • Skin allergies or skin infections. Excessive sweating and increased sweating can result in skin allergies especially in moist areas like back side of knee, arm pits, groins etc. Rarely pus formation can also occur.
    Try bathing your kids 2-3 times a day and change into fresh dry clothes every time.


  • Stomach upset specially after eating food from roadside vendors like golgappas, chat, vadas etc.
    Avoid outside food. Also, maintaining proper hygiene – washing hands before meals is a good idea.


  • Typhoid is a common infection occurring due to infected water – so no unfiltered water intake and keep your child’s typhoid vaccine up-to-date
  • Active kids love to play and run around but if fluid intake is inadequate it can cause leg and stomach cramping due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. So, juices, water, lemonade etc. helps avoiding dehydration
  • I have seen that somehow, the digestion of kids becomes poor during monsoons. Vomiting, stomach cramping can occur or kids lose their appetite.                                       pizap.com14364214360571

Try to give them light food (avoid fried cheesy food). Again lots of fluids and fruits and salads help. If children refuse to eat regular meals, do not panic, try to compensate by giving them liquids – fruit shakes, buttermilk, curds etc.

  • Acute episodes of cough and cold sometimes precipitate in this weather – avoid chilled water (drinking water from an earthen pot is better), too much junk or spicy food. It is recommended that kids take their annual Flu vaccination before monsoons in India (rather than before winters as is recommended in USA England & Canada).

Despite all above remedies, children do end up getting various infections – don’t worry they are kids and kids do fall ill. What we can do is boost their immunity. I believe in lot of home remedies that help in reducing chances of infection – eating tulsi leaf, taking 1/5 tea spoon of pure turmeric powder with milk, 5-6 almonds per day with their skin, vitamin C rich things like amla etc. Any of these home remedies if followed regularly boosts the immune system wonderfully.
Also remember that a good multivitamin can act as Insurance against poor appetite repeated infections and vitamin deficiencies. Chubears contains 9 essential vitamins, is created by an Indian child specialist, specifically for the Indian children. Just one gummy vitamin (jelly toffee) a day will take care of your child’s vitamins needs. Order by calling/ SMSing/ Whatsapping at 9653010203, or buy from our website at www.chubears.com


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