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  • April 29, 2016

Importance of Vitamin D for Children

If you are a parent that has concern over their child’s eating habits and nutrition, then be at peace. It is time for you to turn these eating habits to multivitamin supplements. Some companies have acknowledged the concern of parents and introduced gummy vitamin D for toddler. With these candy like nutritional supplements, children can now chew these gummy tablets easily. Some parents may wonder if these are healthy for their kids or not. But be assured, they are medically tested and nutritionally proved.

Let us know some basic facts and benefits about this vitamin D supplements for children. There are children that actually do not need multi vitamin supplement, despite the well care taken by the parents. But on the other hand, there are kids that are choosy and picky eaters or suffer from some or the other kind of deficiency. Here they need such vitamin D supplements.

Now why do we call them gummy chewable tablets/supplements? Well the name itself is so interesting for the kids that they grab and enjoy these just like other chocolates and toffees. This is a clever marketing idea which is healthy supplement option for the children. Though it is healthy to be consumed, yet too much of anything is not good. CHUBEARS is an online store, from where such chewable gummies can be purchased.

All of these gummies are loaded with 9 essential vitamins and are manufactured as per the requirement of any Indian child. With attractive flavors of pineapple, orange and strawberry, all of our gummies are made from fruits based pectin, making is 100% vegetarian.

Reap the importance of vitamin D for kids and see tremendous nutritional growth from Chubears gummy supplements.

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