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  • January 08, 2016

Do Your Children Need Vitamin Supplements?

The short answer to this question is; yes. Even if your child has what you consider a ‘good diet’, it is always worth rounding out what they eat with vitamin supplements, just to make sure that they are getting everything.

Many parents like to see multivitamin supplements for kids as akin to a sort of ‘insurance policy’. You may do everything in your power to ensure that your child gets a rounded diet but, sadly, this is almost impossible to do. Vitamin supplements will ensure that any deficiencies in a child’s diet, and there will be deficiencies, will be countered.

Organic vitamin for kids

If you notice that your child is getting sick fairly regularly and they are not taking vitamin supplements, then you will most likely find that gummy multivitamin supplements, such as Chubears, are all it takes to ensure that your child starts to get healthy again. In fact, many Indian parents who give their children vitamin supplements find that their children are less prone to getting sick. If you notice any of the following in your child, you may find that a multivitamin gummy for children, such as the one offered by Chubears, will be all it takes:

1) If they have a delay in growth. This includes both physical and developmental growth. There are so many people out there who underestimate just how important vitamins are to the development of a child. Try not to be one of these people. Give them what they need. You will find that they have a far better immune system, a healthier brain, and their bone and other growth will be absolutely fantastic.

2) If your child is following a restrictive diet, in particular a strict vegetarian diet, then it is absolutely vital that you work hard in order to ensure that they get enough vitamins into their diet. Perhaps the only way is through the use of multivitamin supplements. If your child is following a strict vegetarian diet, it can be tough to see how you will get the vitamins in there any other way short of ‘overfeeding/ forcefeeding’ your child.

3) Multivitamin supplements are known to help with chronic diseases and certain food allergies.

Remember; vitamin supplements are not a replacement for a good diet. Any pediatrician will tell you that the first line of defense for your child should always be a good amount of decent foods. However, as mentioned previously, they will supplement everything in order to ensure that your child stays healthy.

Why not take a look at the Chubears vitamin supplements for children that we have on offer? They have been especially designed to ensure that an Indian child is able to get absolutely everything that they need into their diet. They are pretty ‘fun’ to eat too! Just one a day of these natural flavoured health supplements will ensure that your child is getting most of what they need into their diet. All you need to do is round out with some decent food and you will have a fantastically healthy child

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